Looking for LED Icicle Lights? You have come to the right place. But that is not all you'll find here. There are other LED lights to choose from and you will be able to access them here as well. This season, make your Christmas lights LED lights and the results will be nothing short of fantastic for excellent Christmas decor.

Here is a sampling of the LED icicle lights available. Find all available LED Icicle lights here

You can find multicolored, green, red and green, warm white, and many more

7 Multi Color Icicle Light 105Green LED Icicle Lights Icicle Light 105 Red & GreenIcicle Light Warm White

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Led icicle lights are the way of the future for icicle lights and all other kind of Christmas lights. Led stands for “light emitting diode.” As many push for a “green” way of life, energy savings are a must for anyone who considers this issue an important one. Fortunately, many opportunities for energy savings are cropping up all the time.

Looking for other types of Christmas Lights than LED?

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Here are some of the things you can find:

Artificial Christmas Trees LED Christmas Lights
White Artificial Christmas Trees C9 LED Christmas Lights
Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees C7 LED Christmas Lights
Small Artificial Christmas Trees Commercial LED Christmas Lights
Slim Artificial Christmas Trees Led Mini Christmas Lights
Red Christmas Lights
Solar Christmas Lights
Battery Operated LED Lights


The LED icicle lights you find here are the best led icicle lights and the best price you will find anywhere on the internet.

These lights provide the following benefits:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Secure Online Shopping
  • A no-hassle return policy
  • They use 90% less energy than standard bulbs
  • They have a 50,000 hour bulb life

This Christmas, you can make the outstanding decision to go green with Led Christmas lights throughout your home with LED christmas decor. The benefits of LED lighting are many, not the least of which is saving you money. Now that’s a reason we can all agree on.

The best reasons to switch to LED icicle lights:

  • Energy efficiency – This is most definitely the number one reason for many. The led light bulbs use far less wattage than a regular incandescent bulb.
  • Long lasting – LED bulbs last a very long time and only needs to be replaced every few years if used regularly. When using them as Christmas lights, you will be able to use them perhaps a lifetime and never have to replace a bulb.
  • Contribute to the “green” movement – Everyday, more and more people are turning to energy efficient electrical equipment and Christmas is a huge energy usage time of the year. You can help the earth and be an example to your neighbors that you care and are willing to make a difference.
  • Cooler burning – LED lights do not burn hot like regular light bulbs do.  This can be a huge plus when handling the lights as they will have no chance of burning your hands.
  • LED icicle lights are pretty! – The glow of LED lighting is something to behold. They are not so bright as to just blind you when you’re looking at a light adorned house. The light these make is a pretty glow that is just right for standing out in the dark on a snowy or crisp December night to provide just the right amount of romance to the air.

LED icicle lights add a beautiful accent to any home or building décor. They would look fantastic as patio lights. They allow more light to be shown in an area than the regular string lights do because of their unique design.

These lights make great outdoor lights. The string can be attached along the top edge of the roof, and short strands of LED lights hang down at intervals down the length of the string. This gives a beautiful effect and an icicle look, as if there were icicles hanging off the edge of the roof.

These lights can also be applied to plants and trees on your landscaping for great garden lights. This kind of solar lighting effect gives an outstandingly gorgeous effect for your property.

There are many different types of LED lights sale for holiday lighting. LED bulbs come in many varieties. There are led light tubes, led net lights, led string lights, led rope light, led light bars, led light fixtures, led light kits, high power led, outdoor lights and led power supply. There are also many colors to choose from and wire color such as white wire or green wire. There are led icicle lights blue, christmas rope light, white led icicle lights, led icicle lights warm white, green led lights, and many more. You can even get led replacement light bulbs.

Prelit Christmas trees that feature LED illumination are popular among people who are concerned about the environment. Not only do LED lights use 90% less electricity than the usual incandescent bulbs, but they also have the ability to last nearly forever. Would you like to add a splash of style to your holiday celebrations without too much trouble? Does a Christmas tree that will last you a whole lifetime interest you? Prelit Christmas trees with LED lighting provide an energy efficient option to traditional trees.

These trees are wonderful from the moment you set it up, because the prelit Christmas tree is easy to set up, and it can spare you some of the hassles and dangers that come with live trees. In other words, because this type of tree is fake, you can go through the holidays without worrying about cleaning up needles and branches that fall of the tree, you don't have to water the tree, and you don't have to worry about disposing of the tree after the holidays. In addition, due to the fact that the tree is prelit using LED lights, you don't have to fret over trying to unwrap the tangle of Christmas lights from last year or trying to find the single bulb that has made the entire string of lights not work. Prelit Christmas trees never have this issue. Using advanced LED technology, prelit Christmas trees can provide beautiful holiday effects without ever having to replace a single bulb or unravel a single wire. You can even utilize a revolving tree stand so that you can decorate every side of your tree, and show off every side of it. All ornaments will be viewed equally, and you won't have to determine which ones will be noticed since all sides of the tree can be admired. Another thing that is catching on fast in the holiday light world in the last few years is the use of LED icicle lights on the outside of your house. These would be a perfect compliment the lights on your tree.

Some people love the look and feel of a real tree, and would never consider going with an artificial one. Keep these tips in mind for choosing the best tree to suit your needs. You need to consider where you are planning on putting your Christmas tree. Avoid placing your tree in front of sunny windows, radiators or fireplaces. The tree should go in a cooler, more insulated area but also where people will still be able to see and enjoy it.

Then, with a tape measure, find out the width of the area and how tall your ceiling is. This will help you find a place that is big enough for the Christmas tree you want and help you decide what size Christmas tree you need. Also, measure the stand you want to put the tree in so that you don't choose a tree that's too wide. You should also compensate for the height of the decoration you place at the top of the tree, and the height of the stand. This will assure that the tree you choose is not to tall for the space you intend to put it in.

A tape measure will be needed so that you can check the tree against your measurements. Protect your hands by wearing work gloves. An old blanket will protect your vehicle from pine needles, sap and branches. The tree farm will usually have twine or rope to secure the tree on top of your vehicle, but bring some along just in case. It would be a shame to pick the perfect tree and have no way to safely bring it home.

The tree stand should be ready to go, but you will also want to have a bucket of warm water ready so that when you bring your tree home, you can put it in the bucket. You tree stand should be the correct size and be stable. The taller your tree, the larger the diameter of the trunk is likely to be. The stand should also be able to contain plenty of water.

Once you're set up you can go out and select your tree. Once you have brought your Christmas tree home, it is advisable to use LED Christmas tree lights to decorate it. This style of lights will work well with any new tree. Not only do they help to conserve energy, but they also help to eliminate the danger a fire, as they do not get hot.

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