LED holiday lights make the holiday season special. Driving around the rich neighborhoods looking at the dazzling displays of lights was always a special part of Christmas. One thing I always thought about (when I got a little older) is “how much is they’re electric bill?” The energy usage for that kind of lighting could also be dazzling indeed.

Thank goodness we now have something much better to use. LED holiday lights are upon us and their energy efficiency is, yes, dazzling. These babies use about 90% less energy than the traditional incandescent ones and ultimately cost far less to have running.

The benefits do not stop there. Because they use less energy, it is much better for the environment. Less energy usage means less power plant usage and less greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. So using LED holiday lights can help save our beautiful Earth!

The durability of these lights is something to rave about too. They are not easily broken and do not have the thin filament inside like the traditional bulbs do. Furthermore, they can be used year in and year out, while the traditional lights are recommended to be replaced every year.

The safety of these lights is also something that is a major factor. They generate almost not heat so they are not a fire hazard.

The technology and history behind these lights is really quite fascinating. The Light Emitting Diode was actually first created in he mid 1920’s by Oleg Losev, although it wasn’t until the 1960’s before practical uses were developed for them.

The science behind the workings of LED is a bit complex and not really for the layperson. But this is why we have the wonderful scientists who are able to figure out these types of things. Wikipedia has a great article on the subject as does this pdf from Cambridge University.

Overall, LED holiday lights cannot be beaten in any sense of the word by regular incandescent bulbs.  Buy these bulbs from this site and you will not only buy with confidence but you will get a lifetime guarantee.

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